In late summer, I would swim and stream-walk a small section of the Raccoon River. While sedimented for decades now, the water was clear in the shallows. For a few years now, the water is pea-green from edge-to-edge. For decades and worse now, this water has strongly contributed to a vast hypoxia zone in the Gulf.

In the 1980s, I wrote about the wisdom of the river, focusing on the Des Moines River as a living, very open metaphor for the essential streaming dynamic of the universe that is within us as well in the streaming of our body metabolism and thought.

Friday, June 30, 2017

The A-holes Are In Charge Of Iowa Water Now

Tracy Wang, “Stand up for the Mississippi River,” [letter to editor, Des Moines Register, 6/30/2017

[Tracy, Tracy, Tracy, like that is going to happen.....]

Here in Iowa, summertime always reminds us why we care about clean water:  Thanks to the Clean Water Act, many of the places we go swimming, fishing or boating--like the Mississippi River--are now cleaner.

That’s why I was so appalled to learn on June 27 that the EPA is proposing to repeal key protections for Iowa’s waterways.  finalized in 2015 with widespread public and scientific support, the Clean Water Rule restored federal protection to 62 percent of Iowa’s streams, which feed the Mississippi and Iowa rivers and help provide drinking water to 667,428 iowans.  The rule also protects wetlands, which help filter out pollutants and provide wildlife habitat.

More than 800,000 Americans, including 3,469 Iowans, urged the EPA to adopt the Clean Water Rule.  Ye the new EPA is now proposing to dismantle it.

Repealing this rule tuns the mission of the EPA on its head:  Instead of protecting our rivers, lakes, and streams, the Trump administration would leave them open to pollution.  It defies common sense, sound science and the will of the people of Iowa.

EPA should reconsider this reckless repeal and stand up for the Mississippi River.

[Tracy, the problem is really not Trump or pressure on the EPA.  Only 3,000 Iowans in a state of millions, even had a clue and most really do not care a rat’s ass, AND many more than 3,000+ iowans believe it’s a good idea to remove restrictions and not let those EPA fake-news elite a-holes continue run things.  Plus, what is most important, Tracy, is going to the mall, not water.  And the cost to have "clean water" is far too much to ask.]

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