In late summer, I would swim and stream-walk a small section of the Raccoon River. While sedimented for decades now, the water was clear in the shallows. For a few years now, the water is pea-green from edge-to-edge. For decades and worse now, this water has strongly contributed to a vast hypoxia zone in the Gulf.

In the 1980s, I wrote about the wisdom of the river, focusing on the Des Moines River as a living, very open metaphor for the essential streaming dynamic of the universe that is within us as well in the streaming of our body metabolism and thought.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Water: Far More Than We Allow Ourselves To Imagine

Lance Kinseth, The Color Of Water 1 & 2, 2017

OUR POSTMODERN, postindustrial, cybernetic sense of water is still primitive.  We are so very limited in our perception.  We are so homocentric, self-entered,where water is sill sensed to be an external, inanimate commodity.  For all our intelligence, we are so ignorant, even self-ignorant.  We base our lives on economics, but we cannot see the deep economy of water, and it is costing us dearly.

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