In late summer, I would swim and stream-walk a small section of the Raccoon River. While sedimented for decades now, the water was clear in the shallows. For a few years now, the water is pea-green from edge-to-edge. For decades and worse now, this water has strongly contributed to a vast hypoxia zone in the Gulf.

In the 1980s, I wrote about the wisdom of the river, focusing on the Des Moines River as a living, very open metaphor for the essential streaming dynamic of the universe that is within us as well in the streaming of our body metabolism and thought.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Flowing Wisdom--More Than Water

ALL IS A RIVER--time, self, place--flowing moment by moment, day 
after liquid day.  I am inside the pesent, a wavecrest in river eternal, 
rising from the past and cascading into the future.  There is still a 
magnitude of wilderness, a great diversity of endurance threatened, 
a multiplicity of utterance,and an opportunity for responsive action.  
I hear my mother tongue in the purl of the river, in my respiration, 
in the wind, and in the patient silence.  It is far more than 
I ever expected to discover.  It is a view that can live forever.

Lance Kinseth, River Eternal

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